Camping and Site Information



Cayuta Sun Farm has composting toilets, an outdoor hot-shower, a camp kitchen and rustic camping spaces.

The campground in the white pine forest provides a shady spot for setting up a tent or hammock with a little protection against light winds and rain.

The outdoor shower can provide hot showers.

We have two composting toilets with a hand washing station.

Potable water will be available at the kitchen and yurt.

The yurt is a mixed-use structure for design work, relaxing during off hours and houses the library. There will be electric in the yurt to charge laptops and cell phones.

The Octagon is our main classroom. It is built with 12 to 15 foot long black locust logs with a reciprocal rafter roof. In the heat of the summer, the cool pine woods and its open walls make the Octagon a very comfortable place and we often use it to inoculate mushrooms logs on hot days.

Picnic tables are available throughout the site in various locations.

We are a very rural site and cell phone access is limited. Verizon has a decent signal and AT&T is weak. Both company’s data networks have weak connections. No others seem to connect. Reliable internet and other amenities are available in Odessa (5 miles), Trumansburg (12 miles), and Ithaca (17 miles).

Learn about 
“Reading Your Landscape”
2015 weekend held at Cayuta Sun Farm. 

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