Visiting and Learning


Michael Burns & Kelly Dietz have years of experience as professional educators. Not surprisingly, hundreds of students from local schools, colleges and organizations have visited, toured, taken classes and camped out as part educational activities at the farm.

Additionally, hundreds have visited as tourists seeking experience and insight into permaculture, small farming and local food.

Educating customers and community about the farm and its ideas is an enjoyable part of the work. However, the daily and seasonal demands of farm work require some guidelines for arranging an enjoyable, productive visit or event for you as well.


Visitor Tours

We cannot accommodate unexpected visitors. Sometime tasks cannot be dropped to give a tour. If you stop by unannounced to buy products we will certainly spare time to assist you, but rarely offer much more of our precious daylight time. Unescorted visitors cannot walk around on self-guided tours.

However, you are very welcome to send an email message to arrange a tour or visit. A $40 hourly fee per group is requested with a one hour minimum. The first $40 of your fee is credit toward any products we have for sale.


Classes and Workshops

We have designed and run programs for SUNY-Binghamton, Ithaca College, and New Roots Charter School students, and the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute. Contact us to discuss how we can help your students learn. Fees are based on the workload and your institution’s ability to pay.


We have offered various programs teaching permaculture and farm skills to apprentices since 2008. Read about the 2018 offering. We accept short-term volunteers through WWOOF-USA.


On special occasions, we can arrange space for visitors to set up tents for an overnight stay. While we have facilities for guest camping, including a composting toilet and outdoor hot shower, we cannot provide the service, quality, or amenities of a commercial campground.

Rustic Camping

Contact us.