Pastured Chicken BBQ & Vegan Buffet on the Permaculture Tour

Cayuta Sun Farm’s shiitake mushrooms, plus pasture-raised chicken and pork will be on sale and a chicken barbeque will run from 11 a.m. through 3 p.m. offering lunch. The prix fixe meal for $12 includes a half-chicken grown at Cayuta Sun Farm and a spread of dishes almost entirely produced from the Cayuta Sun gardens. Save your appetite and come visit Cayuta Sun Farm on the Finger Lakes Permaculture Tour this September 6th.

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Bacon-wrapped Dates stuffed with Cream Cheese

An easy appetizer for serving quality, pastured bacon.

This year’s Thanksgiving feast was a local foodie’s dream. Our hosts Steve & Liz of WellSpring Farm were serving a 30-pound turkey raised in the barn next door. They assembled a rich mixture of local farmers. Roots and fresh vegetables from Plowbreak Farm were prepared in traditional and not-so-traditional recipes. Deserts reflected the dinner guests’ bountiful harvest of apples, pears and berries. We enjoyed homemade cheese and bread, and plenty of Finger Lakes wine and home-brewed beer.

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Heritage breed chickens thrive on pasture

We raised a healthy (and somewhat feral) flock of Dark Cornish roosters this summer. They are also unique because of their thick, compact bodies, unusually wide backs, and broad, deep breasts. These super meat qualities have made the Dark Cornish a truly gourmet item for eating. Their compact build will fool you as they are always heavier than they look. These birds have a very rich, almost game bird-like flavor and are a rare treat for lovers of free-range meat. 

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