Cayuta Sun Farm Welcomes
Visitors, Volunteers,

Finger Lakes
Permaculture Institute

~ Camping ~ Tours ~
Take Home Pastured Meats ~
~ Pork Sausage BBQ ~
Pop Up Farmers Market ~
~ Introduction to Permaculture ~

Cayuta Sun Farm is proud to be a sponsor of the Permaculture Tour Weekend’s activities and we’re looking forward to hosting visitors. Our site has promoted permaculture for over a decade through community education events, including the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute’s courses.

Spend the weekend on a small forest farm.

We would like to support this celebration of our permaculture community by opening up our woods to campers visiting from out of town. A limited number of rustic camping sites will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. A simple low-pressure water supply, hot shower, and composting toilets will be available. You will need to supply your own tent. Coffee and tea will be available in the morning.


The nightly fee will be $20 per person or $50 per carload of visitors. Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute alumni and those willing to volunteer at least four hours during weekend’s events may stay for free.

All campers are encouraged to register using this form as soon as possible to ensure a campsite.

Enjoy a homegrown lunch.

Cayuta Sun Farm is proud of our pastured poultry and pork and would like you to taste why. Upon arriving for the Sunday tour, make an order for our pork sausage meal.

Better yet: Preorder!

Last year we sold out quickly. Use this online form to buy in advance and be sure to enjoy a woodland-raised, heritage breed, pork lunch. Your online purchase reserves your meal until 2 p.m.

Enjoy your freshly grilled sausage and salad at a picnic table in the cool shade of our shiitake mushroom yard. We begin grilling at 11 a.m. Cold non-alcoholic drinks will also be sold.

Bring home our pork, chicken or shiitake

You can preorder from the menu of products we offer at The Food Forest Shop online. If you don’t find what you are looking for online, ask us when you visit.  We’ll have products for sale at the farm as well. Bring a cooler. We accept credit cards.


Meet the farmer.

Guided tours will be conducted in a continuous loop from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Join in at anytime but please register with your likely arrival time at the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute’s site. Led by Michael Burns, the presentation will highlight the development of a permaculture-inspired farmstead that has in recent years become a small woodland farm. Highlights include the octagonal classroom built of black locust logs with a reciprocal rafter roof, shiitake mushroom production, chickens and pigs raised on grass and under the canopy of trees, plus off-grid energy systems.

Michael will offer a short Introduction to Permaculture presentation at 9 a.m. that includes the first tour of the day.


Farmers Market!

Local vendors will be offering their products at a pop-up farmers market on site. Check back soon for the full list of vendors. At this moment we have an apiary, baker, cheese maker, plant nursery, grass-fed beef farm and meadery confirmed.

Donate to the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute.

A decade’s worth of permaculture students, teachers, and practitioners have passed through Cayuta Sun Farm working, learning, and connecting with others. We feel lucky to be part of it all, are proud of our local permaculture scene, and look forward to sharing the promise of permaculture and ecological design with all our guests this weekend. Please remember that your donations this weekend support the work of the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute which has been a keystone organization building the local and regional permaculture movement.


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