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How to get your grass-fattened chicken


Cayuta Sun’s chicken harvest is full of big, tender birds. If you are seeking locally-grown, pastured poultry, now is the time to make your order. During October our supply is large and there are several ways to easily purchase your birds. Come winter, we are no longer harvesting and eventually our 2014 crop will be gone.

Cayuta Sun is offering several ways to buy and pick up your birds:

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Our 2014 harvest is available now.

Our healthy, jumbo-sized birds forage in a sunny pasture rich in grasses and clover, seeds, fresh sprouts and of course bugs and worms.

Try Cayuta Sun Farm’s tender, big birds for roasting, grilling, stir-fry or however you please. Our 2014 harvest of chickens are available as 4-, 5-, or 6-pounds whole or halved.

Order online for free delivery to
Schuyler & Tompkins Counties, NY
on Thursday evenings.

Finger Lakes Meat ProjectDirect delivery to the
Tompkins-CCE meat locker
is available for free.

Pastured Chicken BBQ & Vegan Buffet on the Permaculture Tour

Cayuta Sun Farm’s shiitake mushrooms, plus pasture-raised chicken and pork will be on sale and a chicken barbeque will run from 11 a.m. through 3 p.m. offering lunch. The prix fixe meal for $12 includes a half-chicken grown at Cayuta Sun Farm and a spread of dishes almost entirely produced from the Cayuta Sun gardens. Save your appetite and come visit Cayuta Sun Farm on the Finger Lakes Permaculture Tour this September 6th.

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Cayuta Sun Farm Welcome Campers for the Finger Lakes Permaculture Tour

September 5 through 7, 2014


Coming from outside the area to tour the gardens, farms and parks featured on Finger Lakes Permaculture Tour?

Would you like to camp at a permaculture-designed small farm?

Does spending the weekend among permaculture aficionados and practitioners sound appealing?

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